Michelle Caffrey, Author


Ruth Markson, born and bred in Wisconsin—a Sconnie—just graduated second in her class from UW nursing school. She returns to her small town to live rent-free, driven in a moving van by her lifelong guy-friend, Tyler Kelly.  She confesses to a secret plan—entering med school as soon as she’s paid back her crap-load of student loans.

Her strategy, however, unravels from the start. As they enter her childhood home, Ruth is blocked by her mom’s watch-goose twerking in the middle of the road. Then, she’s assigned a depressing Bengay-scented trailer for the year, and asked to work weekends; Ruth won’t be able to easily see her Madison boyfriend.

Ruth’s first day on the job at Golden Years Nursing Home is a disaster. Her supervisor is friendly as a stone in a shoe, and her woman-hating UGG-wearing coworker isn’t much better.  She realizes there’s something amiss at the Home—seemingly healthy elderly residents are dying unexpectedly.