Michelle Caffrey, Author

Other works from Michelle Caffrey:

I am the best-selling author of Bring Jade Home: The True Story of a Dog Lost in Yellowstone and the award-winning picture book Jade–Lost in Yellowstone. I was honored when Laura and David asked me to write about Jade, the miracle dog found with the help of countless dedicated volunteers who never gave up. 

In early 2000, disenchanted with our software careers, my husband and I sold everything and bought a 1906 Dutch barge, Imagine. After ten successful years chartering as Barge and Breakfast, I wrote my travel memoir, Just Imagine: A New Life on an Old Boat. 

I’m also a former full-time RVer and Workcamper. Once, when checking in at a rundown campground, my husband and I were accosted by the owner’s pet goose that was “only posturing,” inspiring the Dairyland RV Park and Campground series of novels and Desire in Dairyland. No longer nomadic, we currently live in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, where I safely avoid confrontational poultry.