Michelle Caffrey, Author

Desire in Dairyland

Ruth Markson returns to her childhood home for a year as she carries out her secret plan for a big city career. On the first day nursing in a retirement facility, she's warned by a resident that his friends are unexpectedly dying.

Unlike Ruth, her former pal Tyler Kelly truly loves their small Wisconsin hometown and its community of friends and family. The only thing missing is someone to share his life—Ms. Right.

Ruth questions the medications for elderly residents and suspects foul play. As patient deaths mount up, she receives threats and asks tech-savvy Tyler for help. Using hidden cameras, she risks her job and her career to solve the mystery. She finally blurts out her conclusions, unaware that a killer is listening.

As the danger increases, so does her attraction to Tyler. With scheming coworkers, an old nemesis turned Elvis impersonator, and an attack goose in her way, can Ruth uncover the conspiracy before the murderer comes for her? Will she be forced to choose between her dreams and her growing desire for Tyler, or can they move from friendship to forever?